Nutrition Elite Package

Are you ALL IN?  Are you ready to keep a healthy & happy lifestyle for good?  Then this Elite Plan was created just for you.  Designed for those who are truly ALL IN and ready to make the commitment to healthy living, this plan focuses on every aspect of energizing you via nutrition and lifestyle!  The Elite Plan includes

  • All The Essentials & Pro Packages PLUS:
  • Another 5% off supplements, making your supplements 20% off for life!
  • A Personalized Healthy Cooking Lesson with Kitchen or Pantry Setup
  • A Farmer’s Market or Grocery Store Tour for healthy shopping tips
  • Unlimited Email Support for all 16 weeks
  • Any additional follow-ups needed, only $79 per appointment!

Nutrition Essentials Package

Just need a little direction and support?  The Essentials Plan has you covered.  This plan was designed for those who need just a little help getting their nutrition headed in the right direction.  This plan includes:

  • Initial Discovery Session (Week 1)
  • IgG Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing (Week 1)
  • Your Personalized Nutrition Power Plan Session (Week 2-3)
  • Adjustments & Improvements Follow-Up Session (Week 5 or 6)
  • Unlimited Email Support for all 6 weeks
  • 10% off Nutritional Supplementation for life!
  • Any additional follow-ups needed, just $99 per appointment (30 minutes)

Service Descriptions

Want some more details of what you can anticipate throughout your journey?  Check out the details of the services below.  And as always, if you have questions about anything, drop me a line!

Initial Discovery Session 
The Initial Discovery Session helps me get to know you.  Usually lasting 90 minutes, the Discovery Session is designed for us to dig into what makes you, you!  The more I know, the more I’m able to personalize your Nutrition Power Plan just for you. 

Nutrition Power Plan 
The Nutrition Power Plan is created just for you with the goal of maximizing your energy production and overcoming any healthy obstacles you shared during the Discovery Session.  During this appointment, we’ll review your plan and I’ll educate you on why this plan was designed for you and how you can best incorporate it.

Personalized Meal Plan with Recipes
Personalizing meal plans helps me turn food into medicine for you.  Based on the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with some Ayurvedic principles, I incorporate meals that target specific nutrients to support your body and your goals.  These meals are always based on whole, nutrient-dense foods that are free of chemical by-products.

Adjustments & Improvements Follow-Up Session 
Nutrition plans just aren’t complete without some follow-up.  During these appointments, I work to understand your current concerns or obstacles with the plan and then find solutions to keep you on track.  We also celebrate your wins and success so far throughout your plan during these appointments! 

Farmer’s Market or Grocery Store Tour 
Guiding you through the Farmer’s Market or teaching you how to shop smart at the Grocery Store can be just what you need to get higher quality food at better prices.  With these tours, you’ll learn how to save money and eat healthy on any budget!

Home Visit – Cooking Lesson, Pantry or Kitchen Setup 
Home visits take your dietary and lifestyle changes to the next level.  With home visits, you can learn healthy cooking methods, how to setup your pantry for success and how to organize your kitchen for quick and efficient healthy cooking.  Most cooking supplies and ingredients will be provided, others may need to be provided by the client.

Email Support 
I love staying connected and helping you as things come up.  With email support, you’re encouraged throughout the entire process.  This allows your questions to get answered as quickly as possible instead of waiting until your next appointment.

Modern Monarch​

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Nutrition Pro Package (best value)

Looking for a little more customization, direction and support?  The Pro Plan helps you get to the next level with loving support along the way!  This plan was designed for those who are ready to take their health game to a new level!  Focused on maximizing your energy and tailoring your nutrition to meet your body’s needs, the Pro Plan includes:

  • All The Essentials Package PLUS:
  • Two additional Adjustments & Improvements Follow-Up Sessions (Week 8 and 12)
  • An additional 5% off supplements, making your supplements 15% off for life!
  • Unlimited Email Support for all 12 weeks
  • 2 Weeks of Personalized Meal Plans with Recipes
  • Any Additional Follow-ups needed, only $89 per appointment! (30 minutes)


Modern Monarch

Energizing YouR nutrition and lifestyle

IgG Food Allergy Test

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Ready to get the toxins out of your diet?  Then my Delayed Food Allergy Testing is for you! 

While Food Allergy testing is included in every package, I understand some people just want the test and the read out. Also known as IgG Delayed Food Allergy Testing, this test determines what foods are causing an immune reaction in your body and draining your energy.  With symptoms like itchy ears, headaches and belly bloat (to name a few), food allergies can have huge consequences to your health. 

My food allergy testing is done right in my office.  Want more information?  Drop me a line or give me a call and together we can decide if Food Allergy Testing is right for you.​  

*Note, every package includes the pricing of Food Allergy Testing and Results Consultation.   For non-package clients, services are still available for only Food Allergy Testing and includes a Food Allergy Results Consultation.